Secrets To Successfully Purchasing Shutters for your Windows

Let’s Start With A Limited Lifetime Warranty On All Window Shutters

Shutter selection and purchasing is our subject and one of the most important secrets to successful window shutters buying is the warranty. Where else can you find a limited lifetime warranty? It is the strongest indication of how confident Priced Right Blinds is with their interior window shutters products and installations!
Window Shutters, measured, installed and with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but at prices not much higher that if you did it yourself.

Buying window shutters in Houston does not have to be a stressful or overwhelming experience. If you follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to a happy window shutters buying experience.
“Remember window shutters are a lot like airplanes. Some cost less than others, but there are no cheap airplanes.”
In other words – window shutters are a little more expensive than blinds. However, if you are going for the upscale appearance, the look of luxury, window shutters are the best way to go.


Four Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing  Home Window Shutters In Houston

1.      Choose the right shutters company to buy from – Get this right and you will save yourself enormous amounts of grief and money and will not likely make the other three mistakes. There have been a lot of changes in the shutters industry in recent years. New window shutters manufacturers and dealers are entering the Houston market every month offering you great low shutters prices. But the quality of their window shutters is just not there. Some shutters dealers are here today and gone tomorrow leaving you without a warranty. You need to find a local home window shutters dealer that you can trust and has been around for several years.

2.      I, Ron Guidry, owner of Priced Right Blinds have been around the Houston shutters industry coming up on 50 years and I have seen far too many times where people have paid their deposits but never received their window shutters. You also need a dealer that can educate you about shutters product selection, features and benefits so you are empowered to make the right decisions for your situation. Be aware of sole manufacturer reps that sell only one brand of shutters. They may make a good product but their features or prices may not be the best choice for your project.

3.      Choose the right shutters product - choosing the wrong interior window shutters can lead to years of dissatisfaction. This can be easily avoided by taking the time to do your research. Search web sites. Ask friends and acquaintances about their Houston shutters purchases, who they bought them from, etc. You may have had home window shutters before but find out what is new. This is where a good Houston shutters dealer can guide you through the maze and blow away the fog to help you discover the window shutters that are perfect for you and your budget. For more information call our office 713-224-7647 and ask your most important questions. Or go to our web site: Priced Right Blinds for more information on shutters in Houston.

4.      Get it installed right - this is the number one cause of window shutters problems. Even a good shutters product can go bad if it is installed wrong. And it is the one area that you – the customer – have the least direct control over. You are really at the mercy of your Houston shutters dealer who is the one that designates who will install your interior window shutters. If installed right –  every time you look at those beautiful  window shutters from Priced Right Blinds – you will get a warm fuzzy feeling for a job well done. The worst thing that can happen is that you get a heavy sinking feeling wishing you had done something different. If you are not satisfied that you will get a proper interior window shutters installation, don’t be afraid to ask to see some recent installations by your designated crew. The proof really is in the pudding.