The Price Per Square Foot Deception Dirty Little Secret of the Shutter Industry

Shutters are sold by the square foot. Don’t fall into the trap of just comparing shutter price per square foot. You may hear a lot about price per square foot but that is not the whole story.

There is another factor to consider and that is the formula for computing square feet. The basic formula in inches is width x height / 144. Sounds simple but here is where the slight of hand appears. Some companies round up to the nearest whole inch and then do the calculation. The square footage(sf) may compute 17.1 but then that gets rounded up to the next whole square foot which in this case is 18 nearly 1 whole sf added to your cost per window times 10, 20 windows I think you get the picture. Another variation of this is called frame to frame square foot pricing. This involves using the original opening width and height and adding the frame dimension. This is an OK method but only if it is exact no rounding. Some companies use original opening size and do not add for frame and do not round producing the smallest sf factor. When a company uses rounding in their formula distortions will occur raising the actual price by as much as 15%. So remember the square foot formula times price per square foot affects the bottom line and the bottom line is the bottom line of comparison.

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