Interior Window Blinds Advanced Measuring Tips

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When measuring for interior window blinds, this method is NOT recommended for a novice. But it is the method used by our Trained Professional Staff when we measure your windows for new blinds in the Houston Texas area. This technique insures that the clearance gaps on the side of your interior window blinds are kept to their absolute minimum. This gives you the maximum privacy for your windows.

There are 3 measurements you must take for each window.

Wider at the bottom
Use Top Width plus ⅛”

Wider at Top
Use Top Width provided Top Width
Minus ½” is less than Bottom Width
by at least a ¼”

Wider in the Middle
Use Top plus ⅛”

There Are Four Basic Shapes for Height:

Out-of-Level Sill
Measure longest height
and add 1/4″

Out-of-Level Header
Measure shortest side
and add ¼”

Bowed Header
Measure shortest height
and add 1/4″

Bowed Sill
Measure longest height
and add 1/4″


All of these possibilities must be considered, measured and calculated into the final size of your new interior window blinds. If not, your blinds will not look or fit properly. The purpose of blinds in the first place it to let light in when you want it and keep the privacy in when you need it.

A solid, quality, well measured and installed set of interior window blinds does two things for you. It not only performs these necessary functions – it also makes you look elegant from the inside and outside of your home.

At Priced Right Blinds, we know the cost for blinds is extremely important. But without the proper measurement, installation, quality and appearance, your blinds will not look or function properly.

That is why we come to you. Right to your home to show you interior window blinds samples. So you can see in your own rooms the colors and how they match with your walls, floors, cabinets and furniture. You need to see for yourself – the extreme quality of these blinds. A quality that is so high it allows us to give you a limited lifetime warranty. At prices that make sense.

Plus, we do all the measurements for your new interior window blinds ourself. That way, you never have to worry about the measurements being wrong. We guarantee perfect fit for your blinds every time

You won’t find better quality or selection of interior window blinds anywhere. Plus friendly professional service and installation for blinds Houston, Spring, Woodlands, Cypress or Conroe Texas (TX).

Call Ron Guidry, President of Priced Right Blinds right now. He is the one you will be talking to. He can set up your in home visit to find out what your desires and plans are for your interior window blinds. You’ll be glad you called Priced Right Blinds.

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